2014 Everett Historical Society Conference – The Men And Women We Call Heroes

It was during the 2014 Everett Historical Society Conference when I saw a different side to my cousin.

“Come in, Mrs. Lloyd. I’ll tell my mom that you’re already here. Please go into the living room.” I heard my cousin, Sheila, open the door and speak to someone so politely. Sheila was not always “nice” to anyone, especially to me, but this Mrs. Lloyd made here all goody-two-shoes, and I wonder why.

“Oh, you’re here, dear cousin.” She said. Dear cousin? I almost threw up in my mouth when I heard her say that. It was always words like hoe, bitch, skank, or any demeaning term that Sheil (her nickname) would call me. But now, it was “dear cousin” and all because of Mrs. Lloyd. Now, I’m super interested. Who is this Mrs. Lloyd that made her all nice and dandy?

“Mrs. Lloyd, this is Annabel, my cousin from Marysville. She’s staying with us for the weekend. Annie, this is Mrs. Lloyd. Mom’s close friend at the Historical Society.” Sheila uttered. Oh, right. Historical Society. There you go. That’s the reason why Sheila, the loudmouth sistah, is very human right now. It’s because Mrs. Lloyd is part of Auntie Linda’s Historical Society group. Now, I understand.

A historical society (also known as a preservation society) is an association devoted to conserving, gathering, studying, and interpreting historical evidence or objects. Formerly, these societies were initiated as a means to assist upcoming generations in understanding and comprehending all about their legacy, traditions, and heritage.

Historical societies differ in specialty, with emphases extending to particular topographical regions such as countries, cities or municipalities, colleges, railways, cultural or religious clusters, to lineage, pioneer history, and the conservation and safeguarding of antiques or historic structures.

Frequently, several of these groups always make certain that historical architecture is well-preserved or refurbished and that period dwelling are retained for excursions that are for the enjoyment of tourists and locals, alike.

Here in Everett, everybody respects the women of the Historical Society. I mean, who wouldn’t? These are the people who take care of our past, present and future, our lineage, our history, our traditions – us, who we are. They are heroes for doing all that, without expecting any money in return.

I managed to give Mrs. Lloyd a smile, and she did the same. Aunt Linda joined us and shortly, they were on their way.

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