Marketing To Millennials: Creating Something New From Something Old (Part 2)

Many churches that were built way back years before we were born are now being converted to residences and condominiums.

In England alone, around 18,000 Englishman churches and chapels were sold to be made into homes and business centers.  A research group even confirmed that more churches and chapels would be declared redundant by 2020 which will inevitably end up in the market.


Desacralized Churches

When the attendees of the church dropped significantly, the services have to be merged with other parishes.   The church then becomes redundant and will, later on, be decided to be sold either to individuals, company or through a high street estate agent.

Between the years of 1960 and 1970s, a relatively high number of churches in England were closed.  In the 1990s, an average of 28 churches was being closed down annually.   These buildings that were built decades ago, some even century old, are about to meet the new generation that will take care of them.

My Church, My Home

To many of us, a church is like our home.   It’s where we find peace and feel loved.  But how would you react if you find out that someone you know literally makes a church his home?  You may feel odd and intrigued at the same time.  And would probably immediately wanted to visit him in his place to check it out.

The couple Liam and Denise Philpotts purchased an 1880 Methodist chapel.   It was then a house to bee-keeping equipment and bees.   Liam, an executive for a paint manufacturing company, and Denise, a graphic designer, claimed they did most of the renovation by themselves.  It’s a plus factor that they are good at DIY.   The chapel, according to them, was a local landmark and what sounds exciting is they often receive Christmas cards from people who used to come to the chapel. Isn’t it wonderful?

Another who had purchased an old chapel said that turning it into a home is tiring and had cost him a lot.  It was a real pain in his neck, but it’s all worth it for the place turned out to be opulent.  It makes him feel like living in a castle.  (Do you think he feel like being in a fairy tale or it makes him feel like royalty?)


Church Condominiums

Even in the United States, there are declining numbers of churchgoers and more churches are left empty.  And these abandoned churches are where real estate developers are heading.  They are interested in converting them into condominiums.

As of last year, around 19 churches in Chicago become apartments, single-family homes, and condos.  Estate agents find it amusing that these churches attract more buyers and onlookers.

Chapels and churches go extensive renovations, giving it an elegant and luxurious look for the future dwellers.  They utilized every space and made it look stylish, yet fit for a minimalist.  They make sure that look is as essential as usability and practicality.



Because developers are very aware that millennials make up almost 66% of the market when it comes to real estate.  And catering to them is not that easy for they seemed better informed than other generations according to research.

Millennials know what they want.  And converted condos should cater to their needs.  They would spend time searching online to buy whatever it is they need.  When it comes to home, they are on the look for ones that are near to their workplace.  Usually, they look for one which is in the heart of the business center.  The strategic location of a church is one reason for it being marketable.

Millennials are a fan of something vintage.  This is a fact that is obvious on their IG, Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday posts.   To them, spotting something old is like finding a rare gem.   They see Greek architecture to be full of character.   The Roman architecture has its style.  They sometimes relate themselves to the concept of arches and the use of bricks on the walls.

Have you tried house hunting?  When finding for a suitable home, you could tend to try to find a connection.   When you found the one, it makes you feel like you’re traveling in time.

Who could say, the church could be the dwelling place of your soul is searching for.  It could be your time capsule that will reveal secrets of the past.

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