Upcoming Plan Commission Items

In an effort to allow residents to become more informed about proposed development projects and other zoning matters, application materials are typically available a few weeks prior to scheduled Plan Commission meetings. Regular meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Sun Prairie Municipal Building at 300 East Main Street.

Special meetings are called on occasion when deemed necessary. Agendas and meeting materials are typically issued about a week in advance of the meetings. Please find links to upcoming meeting agendas and active development applications below.

The City Plan Commission is a 9-member body consisting of the Mayor, 2 alderpersons, 1 member of the Park & Recreation Commission, 1 member of the Sun Prairie area school district board, and 4 citizens.  The Plan Commission serves as an advisory body to the City Council, making recommendations regarding zoning amendments, planned developments, conditional use permits, subdivision plats, and most certified survey maps.  The Plan Commission is also responsible for the preparation and recommendation of the city's comprehensive plan.

Next Plan Commission meeting: 
     MARCH 13, 2018

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Public Hearing:  SLINDE REALTY COMPANY:   requesting approval of an amendment to an approved Planned Development District General Development Plan (GDP) and Precise Implementation Plan (PIP) to construct a multi-story personal storage facility located at the southwest corner of Windsor Street and Oxford Place.

Public Hearing:  ENTERPRISE RENT-A-CAR COMPANY OF WISCONSIN, LLC: requesting approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to operate a Permanent Outdoor Display and Sales land use (car rental business) on property located at 1610 W. Main Street.

Public Hearing:  CITY OF SUN PRAIRIE:  requesting approval of an Amendment of the City of Sun Prairie Official Map, adding Sheet 8-3a, pertaining to on-street bike lanes.

  • Staff Report- staff reports are typically available about a week prior to the scheduled meeting

Public Meeting:  HY-VEE, INC.: requesting approval of a Planned Development District Precise Implementation Plan (PIP) to  construct a convenience market with auto fueling station, coffee shop with drive up service, and casual dining area at 2602 S. City Station Drive.

Public Meeting:  QBE:  requesting approval of a Miscellaneous Application to change a private roadway name from 1 General Drive to One QBE Way.